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Avenger Security Systems

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Avenger Security is a Local Alarm Company in Houston, Texas. If you need home security,

or looking to switch providers and want to save on your monthly service, please contact

us today. Avenger Security is here to help you save hundreds of dollars on your home alarm service.

We even offer Free Service and Maintenance for all active customers including Lifetime

Warranty on any equipment purchased from Avenger Security.

Avenger Security on average helps customers save $249 per year when you choose or switch over to us. That’s not including all the service and maintenance calls.

We offer No Long-term Contracts and also No Credit Checks

Welcome to Avenger Security...
Your Smart Home Security Solutions for Residential and Business Owners.

Avenger Security is a locally owned and operated security solution company providing our clients personalized solutions that differ from those offered by big box security. We still operate the old-fashioned wasy, offering you our business face-to-face, so that you can ensure all of your personal needs and worries are addressed by experts you can trust. Request a free quote for services today!

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Get to Know Our Team of Security Experts

Our team members are security experts who each have many years of experience working in the industry. We’ve worked alongside homeowners and business owners to craft some truly smart and innovative security. solutions for each client’s particular needs.

We provide hands-on design, installation, and repair for all your purchased security devices. We also give our personalized touch and assist homeowners with fully integrating their home automation tools to ensure that you get the most our of what we offer.

Our Most Popular Services


Avenger Security provides all of the latest, state-of-the-art security solutions for homeowners and business owners. We assist in the design and installation of your security systems as well as assistance with fully integrating your home automation tools.

Smart Home Security

Protect your family and your home with smart automated home security solutions that will alert you to dangers and unwanted guests.

Commercial Security

We can help provide small mom and pop stores as well as large business operations with personalized security systems to protect your guests.

Fire Alarms

Ensure that your property has an onging defense system against the threat of fire, carbon monoxide levels, and natural disasters.

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Making Your Life Safer

Get a professional consultation and a free quote for a personalized security system today.

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