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Commercial Security

High Quality Commercial Security Cameras System

Without the high prices and long term contracts

Things might appear overwhelming when establishing a commercial security system for the first time. Our security professionals know the frustration and are here to assist you. We work with you towards expanding your security with the changes in the business. We offer the best commercial security systems Houston TX and welcome you to reach us to know more about how we offer adequate safety to your business. Contact us now to schedule a free security solutions demonstration at our office premises. Our security professionals can help create the most customized solution exceeding your expectations by meeting the requirements of businesses. Check out how our Houston commercial security systems render effective security solutions for your commercial premises!

Access Control

Post Covid times, certain businesses need secure entry and exit to keep employees and business owners safe and track who is coming and going to further protect the business with commercial security systems Houston TX .

We offer the best security solution to all sizes and types of businesses. We can aid you in determining the right measures of controlled access for the specific kind of business whenever you need commercial security cameras. The office building is often attached to the warehouse, requiring an entirely different system than the other standalone office premises spanning multiple floors. Our security professionals are well-experienced in analyzing the ideal way to control access and make recommendations based on your company’s needs.

After consulting with us, we can come to your office to install the required equipment to control access to your building. A few options include the keypad across every entrance, setting up the card swipe system, or placing facial recognition at the entry points with commercial security camera systems.

Alarm Monitoring

As with most businesses, there are off-peak hours, and many times, you, as a business owner, try to remember if you turned on the alarm or if your last employee remembered to engage the system before they left.

Now, you don’t have to worry anymore as you can completely engage/disengage your system from your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Receive alerts and notifications to remind you if you forgot to arm the security systems commercial.

You can now have peace of mind knowing that your business is monitored professionally around the clock. Get the fastest response time that meets industry standards. You can also customize your emergency contact list along with the protocols tailored specifically to meet the facility’s requirements.

Surveillance Systems

No business is complete without an efficient and high-quality surveillance camera system. Take complete control of your business by having the ability to monitor operations and/or employees right from your smartphone.

With integrated night vision and video recording capabilities in the cloud, our cameras can record 24/7/365, or, if you prefer, we can set them up on the motion-activated recording.

Video surveillance can actively deter thieves and other intruders from your business property. High-quality video recordings are mainly used by court proceedings and the police to help apprehend and prosecute criminals. Our video surveillance systems can offer all our staff members an enhanced sense of security.

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

From retrofits to new build-outs, new installations, or even Fire Alarm Monitoring, Avenger Security will include a unique advanced service and design, clean installation with an experienced team of installers.

From beginning to completion, we manage our jobs to ensure every project is completed according to code. Our priority is to provide our clients an ideal service with easy instructions for system usage.

The fire alarm and the detection system you pick must offer proper access control. The professional fire alarm installation at Avenger Security will allow you to target the main origin of the fire in your building. The fire monitoring device can notify you about the changes happening in the building since the detection of the fire, like locating the presence of water or whether the intensity and heat of the fire increase.

Full Stack Alarm and Security Packages

Your home and commercial properties often encounter threats from unexpected, unpredictable, and unwanted sources like vandalism, break-ins, and much more. You require a mode to protect the things vital to you, and at Avenger Security, we understand that securing your property can create a lot of difference by offering commercial security systems Houston TX.

Being the leading commercial security systems company serving Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe, Cypress, Humble, and Tomball can help to maintain and install comprehensive security systems offering round-the-clock protection to the essential assets at your home/business.

We even offer round-the-clock monitoring of your security and surveillance systems and security system repair.

We aim to offer 24/7 monitoring of the security and the surveillance systems along with security system repair as there is no alternative way to obtain peace of mind as you require this whenever you know that there is always someone at your side who is looking out for you and your property during any mishaps or incidents.

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