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Residential Security

Make your Home as Smart as Your System with Home Automation

Security solutions have become more advanced and sophisticated than ever. However, you won’t be able to make the most out of these tools without smart home automation. Business Name is able to not only install all the home security solutions you need, but help to integrate all of these new devices with your personal home devices including any smart assistants or your mobile phone. This provides not only safety and security at the site, but gives you the ability to monitor and control anything on the network with your connected device, no matter where you’re located.

Home automation

Install Smart Locks on Every Door!

You can say goodbye to physical keys. Home automation can help you with more sophisticated locking solutions, essentially turning your smart phone into a master key. You’ll always have a code as a backup, but you’ll be able to lock and unlock your home from anywhere with the press of a button. We’re also able to integrate other parts of your property such as your garage by connecting it to your home automation network.


Smart home automation is an amazing tool to help you with modern conveniences such as turning on the AC or heat before you get home, or preheating the oven for the night’s meal while you’re on the way home. It will also help you to save money on utilities and protect your home from accidents by being alerted to technology and appliances that are still running without anyone present in the home.


The information gathered regarding your energy, technology, and appliance use can offer valuable insights regarding your lifestyle habits. It’s a great way to keep track of current activities, so that you can implement changes to help arrive at a healthier way of living. The greatest benefit of all is to be able to reap all of these benefits instantaneously with one easy-to-navigate point of access. Smart technology will only prove more integral for the home as time goes on!

Are You Ready to Customize Your Home Automation

Experience the Power of Home Automation at Your Fingertips

Our Smart Home Systems give you the ability of pure convenience at and within your home. You can access your full system on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop/desktop computer. With your Home Automation System, you can easily:

  • arm or disarm your alarm
  • control lights
  • control thermostats
  • lock and unlock doors
  • view your security cameras

and more and without even having to be home…. amazing!

Smart Home Automation gives our clients control of their home back to where it belongs, you!

Turn Your Home into a Secure Smart Home

Home Protection at your Fingertip

Control from anywhere

Secure Your Property Perimeter

Control user access to your home

Adjust and Control Temperature

Full GSM alarm Monitoring

Control lighting and save on electricity

Access garage doors and more

View live video and more

Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

Full 1080p HD Video Access

No need to change batteries

Enhanced with Night Vision

Instant notification to your device

Cloud storage available

Alarm monitoring by avenger security

Residential Monitoring Services

Feel safe knowing your home is possibly the most secured home in your neighborhood. And with monitoring services starting at only $14.95/mo coupled with response times well under 20 seconds, you’ll know you’re in good hands with Avenger Security.

Home security takeovers existing

Existing Systems

If you have an existing system that is no longer being used, many times we can utilize the current system and perform a full “takeover” of system allowing us to utilize any and all sensors that have been preinstalled. 

Avenger security new systems

New Systems

New construction or some existing homes have no pre-wired or existing systems setup. We can definitely help with that. We can come in and setup a full 100% wireless system or run wires where needed to get you activated. 

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