Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

From retro fits, to new build outs, to new installations, or Fire alarm monitoring; Avenger Security will include a unique advance service & design, clean installation, with a mature team. From beginning to finish, we project manage our jobs to assure every project is completed. Our priority is to provide an ideal service with easy instructions of system usage to our cliental.
fire alarm service

Commercial Fire Solutions Starting at $49.99 Monthly

Avenger Security provides commercial fire alarm systems installations, inspections, and 24/7 monitoring services in Houston, Tx and its surrounding areas.



  • Health Care Facility
  • School Fire Alarm Systems
  • Daycare Fire Alarm
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • New Construction
  • Retail Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial fire estimates

In order to provide an accurate estimate, your site should be surveyed. If you have a floor plan, it will save you time if you provide a copy for the initial walkthrough. We do not charge for estimates, so call Avenger Scurity at 281-954-3400 to arrange for a free estimate. The number and type of devices needed for your facility will be deterimined by several factors:


  • The code used by your municipality.
  • Use of the building. (Occupancy type)
  • Additional requirements by your local Fire Marshal.
  • Any requirements of your insurance company.
  • Site Survey.
  • Estimate to client


You can count on Avenger Security to get your building ready for occupancy approval!

Commercial fire alarm service by avenger security